Thursday 4 July 2024

Updated version 2 of Taming Time is out, again freely available

 We made a small update to particularly include the latest developments on the process of formalizing the Anthropocene Epoch (see Figure below).

You can download the latest version via our eBook-page (or directly download it here, 62 MB), 

updated citation:

Hamann, Alexandra; Leinfelder, Reinhold; Shimizu, Maki (2024 (2nd ed.): Taming Time. A Golden Spike for the Anthropocene.- Refubium Open Access-Server, Freie Universität Berlin, 

Fig. 1: additional scene from version 2: Reaction of Jan Zalasiewicz/AWG on SQS/ICS decision.. Illu. Maki Shimizu, © TamingTime-Authors/Illustrator