Tuesday 14 November 2023

Featured Story FUB

Featured Story of the Freie Universität Berlin on our Taming Time Novel (in English):

“Taming Time” – Writing a New Chapter in Earth’s History.Freie Universität professor, Reinhold Leinfelder, gives time a voice in his “science graphic novel” (Nov 14, 2023) 

-> https://www.fu-berlin.de/en/featured-stories/research/2023/taming-time/index.html


Saturday 7 October 2023

First media feature is out!

First media feature on "Taming Time" is out 

The original article by journalist Catarina Piechmann is in German, below are some excerpts in English:

How the Book of Earth History got a new chapter

In his "science graphic novel" on the Anthropocene, Reinhold Leinfelder lets time itself do the talking

Climate research for everyone. The science comic "Taming Time - A Golden Spike for the Anthropocene" sends its readers on an amusing journey through the history of the Earth.

Image source: Hamann, Leinfelder, Shimizu 2023

Wednesday 27 September 2023

The Taming-Time Novel has been published!


Here it is - our new Science Graphic Novel
"Taming Time - A Golden Spike for the Anthropocene"

Cover of Taming Time, Illustration by Maki Shimizu

based on Reinhold Leinfelder's research and course lectures on Earth History, Reefs and the Anthropocene, and on scientific studies of the Anthropocene Working Group.

Alexandra Hamann (Concept and Script), 
Reinhold Leinfelder (Science), 
Maki Shimizu (Illustrations)

Graphic Design
Inês Gomes Ferreira

Copy Editing
Yoko Hamann

Many thanks for cooperation and support to Jan Zalasiewicz, Colin W. Waters, Simon Turner and Mark Williams (all members of the Anthropocene Working Group, AWG), and the entire AWG. Without the AWG studies this novel would not have been possible!
 Many thanks also to Marcia Bjornerud (Lawrence University, USA) for her support.

For more information see our pages here on this blog:

The Info/Preview page gives an overview of what awaits you in the Science Graphic Novel and includes a lot or preview pages

For free download of the entire Taming-Time eBook, 
go to eBook page

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