The  Communication Page of "Taming Time. A Golden Spike for the Anthropocene"

from TamingTime, Illu Maki Shimizu, ©TamingTime Authors/Illustrator
You will find footnotes, other notes and a relatively large list of literature in our graphic novel. We hope this might be of help, if you have questions. 

We also invite you to post your comment on this blog or send questions and comments via the email form of this blog (see email form left down - web version only). 

We will try to answer all your questions, and if of general interest, will post our answers here on this communication page.

We will also post possible corrections or latest news on the Golden Spike process here.

Note (as of July 4, 2024): The Taming Time-Graphic Novel is now avalaible in a slightly updated version 2,  -> direct download here

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