Production Team of the Taming Time Science Graphic Novel


  • Alexandra Hamann (Concept and Script)
  • Reinhold Leinfelder (Science), 
  • Maki Shimizu (Illustrations)
Their websites:

Graphic Design: Inês Gomes Ferreira

Copy Editing: Yoko Hamann

Many thanks for cooperation and support go to Jan Zalasiewicz, Colin W. Waters, Simon Turner and Mark Williams (all members of the Anthropocene Working Group). Many thanks also to the entire AWG for their studies and their interest in this Science Graphic Novel
Many thanks for cooperation to Marcia Bjornerud (Lawrence University, USA)

Many thanks also go to Denise Sievers and the team of the OpenAccess-Server ReFUBium of the Freie Universität Berlin.

Impressum for this blog: This taming time-blog is maintained by Reinhold Leinfelder and can be reached via or

Reinhold Leinfelder can be contacted via email-form of  this blog page or check webpages of RL as given above. 

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