eBook download of "Taming Time. A Golden spike for the Anthropocene"

You can get your free Taming Time eBook copy via

  • For a short, concise overview of the contents and larger preview pages go to mintwissen.com/Taming-Time (also provides the direct download link)


Viewing Note: As our Science Graphic Novel consists of double-page illustrations, it is recommended to view our eBook pdf in full screen mode, best on a larger screen.

Copyright Note: Please note that although the eBook version of our Taming Time Science Graphic Novel is open access and without costs, copyright remains with the authors/illustrator (licence CC BY-NC-ND). So, feel free to use it e.g. for teaching, outreach or other non-commercial purposes, but please do not repost this eBaper in the WWW or on social media. You may, however, post links to the eBook refubium page via http://dx.doi.org/10.17169/refubium-40617.2  . In case of doubt please ask the authors. 

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