Tuesday 19 March 2024

Anthropocene - No epoch for humankind?

Making climate research accessible to all. The science graphic novel “Taming Time – A Golden Spike for the Anthropocene” takes readers on an entertaining journey through Earth history. Image Credit: Hamann, Leinfelder, Shimizu 2023 

A lot is going on presently (as of March 2024) with the Anthropocene which might result in an addition to our Science Graphic Novel, either here or as an additional postpublication chapter in the Novel. Readers, please stay tuned, thank you.

Meanwhile you may find some information on what's going on with the Anthropocene here:

in German:

in English:

  • Chair’s Column (also on the current situation), 
  • Obituary for Peter Haff† , 
  • Voting Record on the Anthropocene Definition, 
  • AWG Publications in 2023, 
  • Reports, 
  • Other Activities
  • Media
  • Membership
  • News and Program for 2024

or check (D/E): Der Anthropozäniker (Blog by Reinhold Leinfelder), also for newer media articles on the Anthropocene status:  https://scilogs.spektrum.de/der-anthropozaeniker/anthropozaen-keine-epoche-fuer-die-menschheit/

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